How Long Does It Take To Create a Family Wealth Plan?

Hi, this is attorney Marc Herbert with the question of the week, which is how long does it take to build a family wealth plan? The answer to that is it depends on you and your unique needs. We’ve put together comprehensive estate plans within four days for people. Sometimes there’s some urgency there. Someone’s very sick. They’re about to have surgery. Go on vacation. Maybe your kids are leaving for college or military service so we can give you priority and build it very quickly and still make it comprehensive for their needs. For most people, though, putting together a comprehensive plan takes about 30 to 45 days. We like to give you several drafts. I like to sit down with you and go through the documents at least two or three times to make sure I’m answering your questions as we go.

We’re making changes as needed and that you really have enough time to think through your options and make the decisions that work best for you, for your family, to protect them and your assets from probate court and unnecessary taxes. So for most people, we just do a five step process. The first stage is what we call discovery, where you come in for your no cost consultation. We talk about your situation. We talk about your options. And then you decide what plan we build for you, what documents we’re going to put in place for you, how many deeds are going to be involved. And we give you a workbook to take home and complete. Once that’s filled out, you come back, we sit down, we go through it page by page to make sure that I’m answering your questions and that we understand exactly what you’re looking to build.

Stage two is I do an analysis and create a first draft for your review and approval. Stage three is where you revise that first draft. You ask any new questions, make any changes that you want, and we really go through the details of that draft. Usually within two or three drafts, we are ready for signing where we have the final drafts ready to go. All the deeds, all the bank documents, whatever paperwork is necessary to make the trust work. And then the final step is what we call funding. That’s where we take care of the deeds. We submit those to the county recorder’s office for you, usually save you between $100, $200, sometimes a lot more, depending on the number of deeds you have so that everything is funded, everything is protected, and your trust is fully in force.

Here at Herbert Law office, we offer a free discovery appointment when you come in. I encourage people to bring a list of questions with them. Answering questions is a big part of what we do, and it really helps us build a better plan with you so that your loved ones and your assets are protected. We’re going to discuss your options.

We’re going to answer your questions, and then we’re going to build a unique, customized plan for your exact situation as an attorney for the last 26 years here in California, All of them spent in the Antelope Valley. There are a lot of options that we like to go through with you to make sure that you can build the plan that you want that’s going to work best for you specifically.

Again, we offer a free consultation to come in to answer your questions, to go through your options. So when you’re ready to sit down, just give us a call at 6612739007. We’ll talk to you soon.