Financial Power of Attorney

power of attorneyWhen you are planning for your future, a financial power of attorney (POA) and healthcare directive should be at the top of your estate planning list. These documents can help you address your financial and medical needs and make sure your wishes are met when you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to make important decisions.

Herbert Law Office provides tailored services to clients seeking estate planning needs. We will help you choose responsible people who are able to administer your power of attorney or healthcare directives. We will also develop documents that address your specific concerns for your future. Call us today at 661-524-9350.

Prompt and Efficient Service

Herbert Law Office understands that you may face an array of situations at the end of your life or at any time before that when you may need someone else to handle your affairs. We can help you develop a plan to address your wishes and meet your needs in the future.

We can help you with:

  • Power of attorney
  • Healthcare directives
  • Documentation
  • Guardian recommendation
  • Financial decisions

Prevent Legal Confusion Before It Starts With Durable and Springing Powers of Attorney

There may be a time when someone — to whom you have given power of attorney — will make critically important decisions that affect you, your health, and your entire estate. Determining who this person will be should not be lightly decided.  Herbert Law Office can help.

You may wish to establish a durable or springing power of attorney. A durable POA is typically used for immediate or urgent financial issues. If you become incapacitated and are unable to handle your health and financial matters, a springing POA would become effective until you regain capacity.

Financial Power of Attorney

You may establish a springing power of attorney for finances that addresses only your financial needs when you are incapacitated. This document selects an agent to be responsible for paying bills, closing real estate deals, conducting bank transactions, and meeting other financial needs. This person may be the same as your agent on your Advanced Health Care Directive, or they may be different. It can be difficult to select the right person for each of your powers of attorney, but Herbert Law Office can help.

What Is a Living Will?

Much like the previously addressed medical and financial powers of attorney and healthcare directives, a living will details your wishes when you become incapacitated. While a traditional will addresses your wishes after death, a living will makes sure your friends and family are aware of how you wish your matters to be handled while you are still alive. Living wills are important because they provide a single document to address all medical and financial concerns. You may supplement your living will with other documents like powers of attorney and healthcare directives.

When a Power of Attorney Ends

Most durable powers of attorney, take effect immediately and a springing power of attorney will take effect only when you become incapacitated. They may become no longer effective in the following situations:

  • You revoke your power of attorney. At any time while you have mental clarity and physical capacity, you may revoke your POA or healthcare directives.
  • A court finds your power of attorney invalid. If your POA documents were not properly written or executed, a court may find them invalid. This is why it’s important to have a skilled attorney draft and retain your documents.
  • A court revokes the authority of your named agent. If your agent commits certain crimes, is not acting in your best interests, or acts against your power of attorney, the court may revoke their authority.
  • You get a divorce. If your spouse is your agent, your POA or healthcare directives may automatically be ineffective upon divorce. You may make changes to your documents or reestablish your ex-spouse as your agent after your divorce.
  • After your death. Upon death, your living will and other power of attorney documents will be ineffective.

Safeguard Yourself, Your Family and Your Estate

Our experienced legal professionals at Herbert Law Office will work to protect your rights and ensure all your documents are timely filed, your beneficiaries are well-educated and current on your wishes and their responsibilities, and that your estate matters are secure. Call 661-273-9007 today.