What Happens During My Free Consultation?

Hi. This is Marc Herbert from Herbert Law Office with the Question of the week, which is what happens during my free consultation. Well, you know, a lot of people get intimidated about coming to an attorney’s office. There’s a lot of worries about what exactly is going to happen. But here we really like to make sure that you know, that you’re in charge every step of the way.

So during that first consultation, which we call a family wealth planning session, we also call that a discovery. And the reason I like that word better is because it allows it really reflects what we’re doing, which is I’m learning about your family structure, your assets structure, your goals. But then you’re also learning about the options that you have to protect your family and protect your assets from probate court, from taxes, from all sorts of different complications.

So it’s really a good chance for you to get all your questions answered about a lot of different complicated issues. You know, if there’s issues with family, we can talk about all sorts of different scenarios that you can decide how you want to proceed with that or different assets. You know, every asset has different rules, different laws. Sometimes what’s good for one family would be disastrous for another family.

So we walk you through all of that. And I like the phrase discovery for just that reason. It’s an information sharing process, but it really all starts with sitting down and looking at your entire current financial situation. Then we’ll talk about different options available. Sometimes everything is already set up the way that you want it to the beneficiaries on your life insurance policy or your IRAs.

Maybe if you’re happy with it, we leave it alone. If you’re unhappy with it, we talk about different strategies for improving it. And then if a change is necessary, we have the notaries here, we have financial advisors that we can consult with. We can talk to your accountant or CPA to make sure that everything fits together the best way for you.

And basically, you’re just choosing the options that work best for you. Sometimes people worry about coming in and what’s the fee going to be? Is it going to be this huge number? And Herbert Law office, you pretty much decide the number based on the options that you choose. Again, if we’re working with a married couple, the fee was going to be different than a single person.

And then we also offer a lot of discounts as well. So there is no standard fee because there is no standard client. Everybody’s different and unique. So the fee is going to reflect that as well as the options and services that you’ve chosen for yourself. Once we’re hired, there’s a simple and efficient five step program that helps you finish your estate plan, usually within 30 to 45 days.

If we need to go faster, that’s okay If you want to go slower. That’s okay too. You’re in charge. Everything we do here at Herbert Law office is client directed based on a full advisement of all your options. So if you’re interested in scheduling your free consultation, just call my office at 6612739007. We’ll talk to you soon.