Ending the Debt Collection Harassment

When you receive letters and phone calls threatening legal action and your credit score, it’s no wonder debt collection agencies come off as intimidating and threatening. If debt collectors are contacting you, a Lancaster debt collection lawyer with Herbert Law Office can help. We will handle your creditors so you experience a cessation of demanding letters and phone calls. We can also help you reduce your payment amounts, so you can focus on enjoying your life rather than stressing over your monthly bills and expenses.

Giving You a Second Chance

We can help you:

  • Reduce your payment amounts
  • Create a new payment plan
  • Halt debt collection calls
  • Stop threatening letters

If debt collectors are contacting you, our debt collection lawyers from Herbert Law Office can help. Our Debt Collection attorney will be able to acknowledge any of your issues and concerns. Your peace of mind is what we are looking for, so contact us when you need us, and we will provide you the best advice possible.

Competitive Rates and Discounts

We provide competitive rates and offer discounts to: military, first responders, firemen, sheriffs, and LAPD. Call Herbert Law Office today at 661-273-9007 to schedule your FREE consultation and for more information.